How “Fuckstyles Of The Queer And Famous” Changed My Life

Guess what? I watched this movie, and now I’m into things I never knew I liked. That’s what happens when someone sends you a copy of “Fuckstyles.” Things get freaky, synapses start unfolding, your sexual desires expand; it’s like receiving a music box in the mail, opening it, and finding a couple of knife-play-loving queers on the inside.

Fuckstyles of the Queer and Famous

Studio: Trouble Films
Directors: Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn
Cast: Arabelle Raphael, Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson, James Darling, Papi Coxxx, Jolene Parton, April Flores, Sophia St. James, Maya Mayhem, Max Wellander, Varina Adams, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Maggie Mayhem, Ned Mayhem

(Read the whole thing, it’s so detailed!)

It’s obvious that I had a blast watching this film, and I strongly urge you all of you to try “Fuckstyles” for yourself. Maybe you’re already steeped in queer smut, maybe you’ve been watching nothing but Hustler’s “Barely Legal” (no disrespect), whatever your smut situation is, hear my words: this movie needs to be in every respectable person’s porn collection.

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